Notice for Soundwalkers

Date/Time: April 6th, 2011 at 17:50 - 19:30

Meeting Place 17:20 promptly in Botanica Zahrada, tram stop, Front entrance by the gate.

Soundwalk Starts at 18:00 promptly. (leader Caitlin Evanishyn)


Andrea Dancer will lead the soundwalk and set the pace. No recorders, cameras, cell phones (turned off)  or talking is permitted (other than those already assigned). Please wear quiet shoes and clothing. Do your pockets jangle, your bag squeak, your jacket crunch? Please consider your fellow soundwalkers. The soundwalk will end with a discussion in a pub, in true Czech style, so bring beer money!

With this composition, the potential for soundwalking as a multi-genre vehicle for professional art production including radio-art is explored. In its preparation, it encompasses  live performance / sound art, sonic interventions, recording sessions, collaborations -- and simply taking time to listen deeply and collectively.

Anyone can soundwalk anytime and anywhere, which is its appeal. Soundwalking in this interventionist style changes the practice profoundly.  Walking listening and not talking or over-indulging the eyes (looking at the ground or with closed eyes) as a single community through public space for an hour creates a sort of sonic dome around participants. Sensory shifts are noted and the relationship between one's inner dialogue and the outer communicatory fields become sensitized. Other senses such as smell, touch, body sounds are heightened. A different relationship with time and space is forged. Sonic interventions are intended to disrupt eye-centrism and take soundwalkers into deeper listening states.

Ear Span: Prague Soundwalk


                                  Composition / Collaboration

Hildegard Westercamp started soundwalking in Vancouver, BC, Canada, as part of the World Soundscape Project in the 1970's and has never stopped. Soundwalking has grown into a world-wide activity since then and the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective is continually expanding the meaning and form of a soundwalk with sound interventions, improvisations, performances (including dance) and activism to promote listening spaces in urban environments. Andrea Dancer's contribution to this collective and movement is as an acoustic activist, sound and radio artist, and arts-based researcher - educator.

Including the soundwalk are sound intervantions by Sarah Atkinson, Klára Doležálková, Michal Kindernay, Katherine Romain and Kateřina Zochová.

Special Thanks to Michal Rataj at R(a)dio(custica) for his vision and creating great opportunities.

Soundwalk is also organized in cooperation with students from ZKM Karlsruhe under Frank Halbig and it is going to be broadcast in Radioatelier PremEdice, Czech Radio 3 - Vltava, Sep 24, 2011.